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The app can be accessed from the 'MCAT App' option which you will find beneath the 'Toolkit' option on the main menu of the website. You must be logged in using your site username and password to see this option.

All Devices

Click the 'Access MCAT App' button. This will take you straight into the online version of the app. Although you can preview the app online, the videos must be downloaded before you can view them - do not download these though until you have installed the app as you will have to download them again if you do.

The following instructions assume you have clicked through to the app using the above link and are looking at the Welcome page

Very important: You must delete any old versions of the app that have already been installed as each version will maintain it's own copy of the workshop data and cannot share with another installed version. This means that you could accidentally run an old version of the app or enter data into two separate versions during a workshop. Due to device security, the app cannot check to see if an older version is already installed.


Note: The guidance below is based upon the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers may allow you to install web apps and the methods used will vary. You should consult the help area of your browser for more information.

  1. Locate and click the 'Install' icon in the browser address bar and then click 'Install' when prompted.
  2. Chrome will install the app and then show you a list of installed apps. Important: If there is more than one copy of the MCAT app installed, select and delete all but the version you have just installed.
  3. Launch the app and download the videos (see First time use below).

iOS Devices (iPhone & iPad)

Note: You must be visiting the site using Mobile Safari (the 'built in' browser) as other browsers will not allow you to install the app onto your home screen.

  1. Tap the 'Share' icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Scroll down and tap 'Add to Home Screen'
  3. Amend the app name (if required) and click 'Add'.
  4. You will be shown the newly installed app on your home screen.
  5. Launch the app and download the videos (see First time use below).

Android Devices

Note: The guidance below is based upon the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers may allow you to install web apps and the methods used will vary. You should consult the help area of your browser for more information.

1. Open the Google Chrome menu (three dots next to the tab feature).

  1. Tap "Add to Home screen"
  2. Tap Add
  3. Launch the app and download the videos (see First time use below).

First time use

Download Videos

Before using the app offline, you must download the videos. You will be prompted to download assets when you launch the app if you haven't already done so.

Clicking or tapping the 'Download Assets' button will take you to the 'Videos' page (see below).

The Menu


The Checklists section contains up to date copies of any checklists you may require when running a workshop.


The Videos section contains the introduction video(s) for use in the workshop. Simply click on a video to play.

If you haven't downloaded the videos, you'll be prompted to do so before playing. Please note that you will need an internet connection to download the videos before viewing this first time. These will be stored for future use until you delete the app from your home screen or browser - you do not need to download them each time but you should check that you have done so before travelling to an areas where you may not have a good connection.


The Workshop section allows you to record basic information about the workshop you are running (Animateur Name, Workshop Date & Venue, Number of Attendees and any Comments) together with controls to allow you to download and clear workshop data. There will also be buttons to the pre and post-workshop questionnaires as well as any other questionnaires currently in use. Finally, beneath the controls will be a summary of how many completed questionnaires have been saved in the database - this will be cleared along with the workshop after you have downloaded the data.

Pre and post-workshop questionnaires
The pre and post-workshop questionnaires are designed to be completed by the attendees themselves and can be done so without any extra input from the animateur. These questionnaires ask the same questions both before and after the workshop and are designed for the attendees to pass between them. Upon saving a questionnaire, each attendee is thanked and asked to pass the device to the next attendee. Important: To 'escape' from the questionnaires (when the last attendee hands your device back to you), start a new questionnaire and enter tomorrows date into the birthdate field and proceed to complete the rest of the fields (it doesn't matter what you enter as it won't be saved). Upon clicking 'Save', you will be prompted to quit the questionnaire and return to the workshop page.

Attendee registration
To register attendees, select the 'Attendee Registration' option. This works in a similar way to the pre and post-workshop questionnaires and is 'escaped' the same way (by entering tomorrows date). It uses the same functionality as the workshop questionnaires and will therefore display a 'Thank you' message each time an attendee is saved. This function is intended for the animateur to complete.

Other questionnaires
Any other questionnaires are designed for single use and will return automatically to the workshop page upon saving. You can still complete these for multiple people and simply have to reselect the questionnaire upon return to the workshop page. Each questionnaire will be saved for download later.

When you have completed the workshop, you will need to download the data and upload to the portal on the main MCAT website. To download, simply click the Download button. The app will automatically create a zip file containing all of the saved data and download it to your device. Please note that download functionality is specific to each device and as such, help cannot be given here. Important You should open and check the downloaded files before clearing the workshop data to ensure that you have saved them successfully - once cleared, it is not possible to recover any lost data.

Clear Workshop
When you have completed the workshop and downloaded the captured data, you will need to select the 'Clear Workshop' option to remove the data from the previous session ready for the next. It is recommneded that you do not do this until you are preparing for the next workshop in case there have been any prpblems uploading the data to the portal. Workshop data can be downloaded as often as required until cleared.


The Help section contains a summary of these instructions.

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