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Project Aims

Why this Project?

Women’s agency and their ability to be active participants of enduring peace and sustainable development depends on their awareness of being holders of rights, of being equal among human beings. This is particularly important in societies that have been affected by conflicts and natural disasters, that tend to normalise the infringement of rights and the perception of women as “second class humans”. The MCAT Project creates a groundbreaking toolkit that assesses how the intersection between gender inequality and context fragility influences women’s awareness of being holder of rights, and so their agency.

The MCAT project is funded by Research England - UKRI as part of the Global Challenges Research Fund.

Main Research Questions

  • How do fragility, conflict and violence impact gender equality and women’s self-awareness of their rights? 
  • How can development actors -including businesses- design more effective programmes for supporting women as agents of change?
  • What is the relationship between women’s awareness of their rights and women’s vulnerability to extreme forms of exploitation (i.e., Modern Slavery)?

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