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Pre-Workshop Checklist

  • Own the space!
    • Before the participants arrive, make sure that the room is ready to welcome them and allow for a non-hierarchical interaction from the beginning (e.g., arrange the chairs in a circle for the introductions)
    • Have everything ready for the games you chose before participants' arrival and make the space support your plan
    • Prepare your objects somewhere accessible to you and make space for the objects that participants' will bring
  • Participants' registration
    • Remember to collect consent forms
    • At arrivals, ask participants to fill in the short questionnaire
  • Be a Cultural Animateur from the beginning!
    • Introduce yourself and the project but remember that the focus must be on participants - not you or the project
    • While waiting for the workshop to start, show interest in participants and make them feel welcome
    • Consider a moment of silence or prayer before officially starting the workshop
  • Take pictures!
    • As part of your visual notetaking, remember to take pictures and short videos throughout the day - be mindful in doing so (e.g., no need to take pictures of faces if this is not appropriate)
  • End of workshop
    • However the workshop goes, remember to thank the participants for their engagement
    • Ask them to fill in the final short questionnaire on the App
    • Reflect (with the other facilitators) on how the day went and start to write down your notes
    • Remember to submit your visual and written notes within one week
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