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MCAT Engagement Tool

We employ a heightened participatory approach based on dialogism.

No matter what I say, people would not hear me or listen to me,
that's why I rather not say anything at all...

Organisations working for/with women tend to employ traditional engagement practices, that merely inform women of a decision (i.e., a policy, a project) that has already been taken elsewhere.

The MCAT Engagement Tool provides an alternative -more meaningful- way to engage women for the co-production of desirable futures, that can be translated into real policies and actions.

  • The “engaged” women are involved in the design phase of policies and actions  
  • The “engager” organization is the main learner  
  • The engagement process become emancipatory and empowering, transforming participants from a status of objects to the status of subjects  

The Toolkit is available to all Project Partners and interested organisations to be employed for and with women in the community.  

If you are interested in employing the Tool, please email the Principal Investigator at

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