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MCAT Engagement Training

Welcome to the MCAT training course! You are about to embark on an exciting learning journey. This course will encourage you to think differently about how to meaningfully engage with women. If the course is marked as closed when you first view it make sure you've logged into your account on the training page.

At the end of this course, you will be able to employ an innovative approach to participatory methods. The training is composed by three main lessons

  • 1. Key concepts
  • 2. Cultural Animation
  • 3. A Practical Guide

Assessments - At the end of Lesson 1, you will be asked to complete a Quiz before being able to move onto Lesson 2. Once you have completed all three Lessons, you will be asked to plan and submit your final assignment.

The training course should take you around two hours, plus the time for writing the final assignment. You will be able to pause the course and come back to it at your own pace.

Why this training?

This training was developed to support organisations (i.e., the engagers) towards designing more effective spaces for women’s (i.e., the engaged) voices to be heard.

Why you?

We seek to train engagers that are truly interested in making a difference, that are not afraid of challenging their engagement approaches, and that want to contribute to women’s development and the enjoyment of their rights through the co-production of desirable futures.

Why the focus on women?

Women experience multiple and intersecting forms of inequality, vulnerability, and marginalization throughout their life course, and they are often disproportionate victims of the consequences of context fragility.

This training can be applied in communities affected by varying levels of fragility, that can be caused by man-made disasters, such as conflicts, and natural disasters.
Context fragility reinforces gendered social norms and discriminatory attitudes, while normalising violence, which makes participatory methods particularly challenging. The training offers a unique approach to overcome these challenges through creative approaches to women's empowerment.

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